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When You Want It Done Right 

The right process so organizations can have confidence in their back and middle office operations and cost recovery strategies. 

This is why our clients achieve optimal results, and why—when they want their back and middle office operations done right--they turn to Mattern.

Our approach 

Mattern delivers unbiased data and the industry’s most comprehensive assessments of firm processes, technology, staff, contracts and recoveries to help firms assess and compare the operational and financial effectiveness of in-house and outsourced support services and guides firms to excellence in each.

Our insights help firms produce results that: 

  • Improve operations through substantial efficiency and workflow gains and eliminating duplication of efforts
  • Improve the bottom line through significant cost reduction, cost savings and cost recoveries
  • Improve service provider relationships by improving performance, service level agreements, and holding providers accountable through contract compliance

"Mattern’s benchmarking and analysis of our outsourcing contract was invaluable."

"Mattern is a consultancy built upon a strong, ethical base with superior processes each and every time."

When a recommendation involves an outsourced service, Mattern manages the entire Request For Proposal (RFP) and contract negotiation process on your behalf and provides implementation oversight and ongoing contract monitoring and maintenance on request. You are free to focus on your business.

Only Mattern keeps you at the core of everything we do.

We do not operate on a percentage of cost savings. We structure fees so that our cost to you is $0.00 out-of-pocket and the savings flow to you. Your firm profits from twenty years of industry-wide knowledge, market-leading expertise, and the most comprehensive data and proprietary benchmarking.

Our process is completely unbiased. All solutions are in your best interest. We’re not pushing solutions that gets us paid more if it’s less expensive. It’s completely unbiased.

We maximize the amount of money we’re recovering to put back into your firm.

Our Three-Phase Approach: The Mattern Method®

Since 1997, our long history of success is due, in part, to our rigorous, detailed and data-driven proprietary process, the Mattern Method. We help you obtain process improvements while realizing the most favorable pricing and service levels available in the market. All recommendations are unbiased and vendor-neutral. This step-by-step roadmap delivers proven long-term success.

Check out some success stories: 

Am Law 100 Firm Achieves Compliance and Savings by Implementing Formal Information Governance Program

Hemenway & Barnes LLP Leverages Current Equipment to Achieve 11% Savings

New Outsourcing Contract Yields $1 Million+ Savings for Dickinson Wright

Mattern Assists an Am Law 200 Firm Create New Cost Recovery Model to Recoup Charges for Litigation Support Solution

Chamberlain Achieves $0 Dollar Permanent Withdrawal Fee and 40% Savings with New Off-site Record Vendor

Am Law 200 Firm Gains Competitive Advantage and Charge Back Model to Recoup Costs for e-Discovery Managed Services

Sandberg, Phoenix & von Gontard P.C. Change Service Providers Mid-Contract, Improve Contract Terms for Office Supplies and Off-Site Records

Working with Mattern through this process and knowing their experts will be there in the future gives complete peace of mind.

We continue to be pleased with our partnership with Mattern. All team members are responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

Mattern provided us with insights and expertise that fundamentally shaped this exceptional outcome for the firm’s offsite storage contact negotiations. We were delighted with the process, the results and the follow-up.



Contact us today to see if your firm might benefit from our proprietary methods to save you money and improve efficiency for your back and middle office operations.