Multifunction Devices and Printers

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Consolidate and Optimize Your Output Strategy

​We help our law firm clients recover significant savings in their multifunction device (MFD) strategy by thoroughly analyzing:

  • Overall output and input workflows
  • Feature and technology requirements
  • Cost recovery platforms
  • Standardization across firm offices
  • Cost structure including equipment flexibility options, zero impressions based pricing, OEM and/or re-manned toner options
  • Contract terms such as co-terminus language throughout term, guaranteed service level agreements, no equipment return fees

One common mistake is a firm’s reluctance to remove older printers that are running well. The justification is they are paid for (fully-depreciated), so why not keep them around for the end users? This argument usually ignores the service and supply costs for this equipment and will have an impact on your total output costs because they are diverting volume away from more cost-effective output devices.
- Rob Mattern, President, Mattern

Output / Input Management and Expense Recovery

Our clients realize improved workflows that accommodate increased scanning, the need for color, and strategies for associated expense recovery — all resulting in output and input cost reductions in the neighborhood of 19%. They’re also experiencing increased client and end-user satisfaction due to improved quality and reduced operational inefficiencies and disruptions.

What Do We Deliver To You?

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    An assessment of how your current workflows, multifunction devices (MFD) and printer costs, contractual terms perform relative to your peers and the industry
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    End-user satisfaction and desired technology features
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    Strategies for optimal workflow, reducing output device to staff ratio, reaching a co-terminus structure; and standardized platforms (MFDs and MFPs when appropriate
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    A customized and Mattern-managed RFP
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    Flexible and firm-friendly negotiated contract for services including penalty-based service level agreements and monthly reporting on up-time and response times
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    Implementation oversight and on-going monitoring of your contract f or compliance and committed delivery

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Law firms trust Mattern for several key reasons: we’re vendor agnostic, which means we objectively find the best solution, and we have over 20 years of deep industry expertise helping over 450 firms achieve savings approaching 50% more than they were able to get on their own. We’re experts at knowing the questions to ask, the terms to look for, and the language to be included in a contract to give our clients the most flexibility and savings possible in an ever-changing environment. Learn how our proven strategy can benefit your firm.