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Maximize Savings From Your Office Supplies

Mattern is typically able to help its law firm clients recover 15-39% savings by thoroughly analyzing the end-to-end process:

  • Firm-wide buying behaviors
  • Ordering and delivery processes
  • Inventory management
  • Current costs
  • Purchasing incentives, rebates, and discounts
  • Contractual terms and spend requirements

Our experience with Mattern has always been great. We know we are in good hands with Mattern. The entire process was very easy and we are very happy with our result.
- Suzanne Homel, Chief Administrative Services Officer, Fox Rothschild, LLP

Negotiating Favorable Terms For Your Firm

Paper, printer cartridges, pens, folders, staples—little things that add up quickly over a large law firm to become a sizable expense. How do law firms cope with these unavoidable costs? They turn to their office supplies provider to negotiate favorable terms that yield big savings. At Mattern, we regularly help firms negotiate these contracts to achieve favorable terms that deliver savings and protect the firm over the long term.

What Do We Deliver To You?

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    A current-state assessment of your office supply ordering and inventorying processes
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    Costs and contractual terms benchmarked to peers of similar size
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    Recommendations for leveraging purchasing spend and buying behaviors to reduce costs
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    A customized and Mattern-managed office supplies RFP (Request For Proposal)
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    A firm-friendly contract that includes an achievable targeted spend, on-line ordering capability, penalty-based service level agreements (SLA), and incentives, rebates and discounts that encourage further cost savings
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    Implementation oversight and contract monitoring (for compliance and committed delivery) for the term of your Agreement

Mattern Phase III Program Achieves Maximum Value for Best Best & Krieger’s Office Supplies Contracts. See case study >

Let Our Team Help Your Team Achieve Big Cost Savings

Leverage Total Spend and Control Expenses—Our RFP, Vendor Selection and Management experts typically reduce client office supply costs by 15%, and earn incentives and rebates of 39% of 1st-year sales. Let’s discuss how we can do the same for you and your firm!

Law firms trust Mattern for several key reasons: we’re vendor agnostic, which means we objectively find the best solution, and we have over 20 years of deep industry expertise helping over 450 firms achieve savings approaching 50% more than they were able to get on their own. We’re experts at knowing the questions to ask, the terms to look for, and the language to be included in a contract to give our clients the most flexibility and savings possible in an ever-changing environment. Learn how our proven strategy can benefit your firm.