Information Governance

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Leveraging the firm’s information assets while ensuring proper document handling and compliance for both electronic and physical records

Today’s business environment requires the ability to easily access relevant information, ensure proper security, and dispose of both electronic and physical assets per documented retention schedules. Client scrutiny and risk mitigation initiatives are key drivers in law firms addressing their document handling procedures. Let Mattern’s consultants help the firm to create a defensible data map and user workflow for electronic records, limit the creation of new paper, and develop a plan to cost-effectively purge electronic and physical holdings per policy. In additional to defensible document processes, our clients typically experience reduced on-site and off-site storage with resulting savings of approximately 35%. As well, clients are able to reduce their off-site permanent withdrawal fees by 25%-100%.

Mattern analyzes all aspects of on-site and off-site information management needs


  • Identification of electronic data stores, supporting workflows, and tools for purging
  • Creating a digital workflow for any physical records conversion
  • Establishing a program to implement retention policies and ensuring compliance for both electronic and physical records
  • Reducing costs associated with off-site storage, service delivery, permanent withdrawal and destruction
  • Analyzing contractual terms to address the firm’s short and long-term goals for reducing off-site storage

Bringing in Mattern to work on these outsourcing projects was probably the best decision we ever made. Their expertise, their organization, and their ability to share and communicate information were unsurpassed. Mattern’s expert guidance is invaluable. Mattern is everything they say they are. They structured their process and agreements in highly methodical ways and truly were unbiased. I am in awe of how Mattern conducts their RFP processes. 
- Director of Administration, Multi-National Firm

Cost Reduction and Retention Policy Compliance

With our approach, you’ll receive a mix of technology, process, and policy recommendations for effectively managing your information, including an integrated workflow for managing both electronic and paper records. You’ll gain greater access and visibility into securely stored information in compliance with firm policy. Legal records management recommendations include improving the services in-house, or utilizing a Mattern-managed RFP process to leverage the expertise of third-party providers.

What Do We Deliver To You?

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    A current-state assessment including how well your on-site records management processes, staffing, compliance, productivity and your off-site records storage costs and contractual terms compare to your peers and the rest of the industry
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    A comparative breakdown of your costs benchmarked against industry in-house and outsourced operations
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    Recommendations for improvement to key policy and procedural areas
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    Best practice recommendations for automating manual processes and workflows, improving records transaction efficiency, streamlining the use of existing technology to better manage the integration of physical and electronic record assets, reducing physical files, addressing procedures for electronic file maintenance, and creating a digital conversion path (versus paper storage) for active and inactive records.

Mattern Assists Regional Firm in Implementing Effective Information Governance. See case study >

Law firms trust Mattern for several key reasons: we’re vendor agnostic, which means we objectively find the best solution, and we have over 20 years of deep industry expertise helping over 450 firms achieve savings approaching 50% more than they were able to get on their own. We’re experts at knowing the questions to ask, the terms to look for, and the language to be included in a contract to give our clients the most flexibility and savings possible in an ever-changing environment. Learn how our proven strategy can benefit your firm.