Information Governance is a Now a Business Priority

Information Governance is a Now a Business Priority 2020-08-17T15:25:49+00:00

Law firms are stewards of client data in both electronic and physical forms--and its proper, compliant and secure stewardship is keeping your clients awake at night.  Data governance, privacy, compliance, and security are making or breaking businesses, creating market advantage or threatening market reputation, and costing firms substantial monies: GDPR fines can impact organization up to 4% of total annual revenue and the California Consumer Protect Act (CCPA) levies up to $750 per California resident--at 39.56 million residents.

The sheer volume of data firms must govern, however, has left leadership unable to sufficiently wrap their arms around the data they own to create, let alone implement, policy.

Mattern’s certified information governance experts can help.  Our IG consultants help firms align electronic and physical data to create and implement the governance policies and processes to win control over client data, remain trusted stewards to clients, ensure compliance, mitigate risk and lowers costs.

Our process includes creating a data map and documenting user workflow for electronic records, limiting the creation of new paper, and developing a defensible plan to cost-effectively purge electronic and physical holdings per policy.

Because we wrap in physical records, our clients typically experience reduced on-site and off-site storage with resulting savings of approximately 35% and reduce their off-site permanent withdrawal fees by 25%-100%.

We help clients reduce off-site permanent withdrawal fees by up to

Mattern IG experts analyze all aspects of on-site and off-site information management needs including: 

  • Identification of electronic data stores, supporting workflows, and tools for purging redundant, outdated, and trivial information (ROT)
  • Creating a digital workflow for physical records conversion
  • Establishing a program to implement retention policies
  • Technology recommendations that facilitate compliance across electronic and physical records
  • Reducing costs associated with off-site storage, service delivery, permanent withdrawal and destruction
  • Analyzing contractual terms to address the firm’s short and long-term goals for reducing off-site storage

What Do We Deliver To You?

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    A current-state assessment including how well your on-site records management processes, staffing, compliance, productivity and your off-site records storage costs and contractual terms compare to your peers and the rest of the industry
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    A comparative breakdown of your costs benchmarked against industry in-house and outsourced operations
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    Recommendations for improvement to key policy and procedural areas
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    Best practice recommendations for automating manual processes and workflows, improving records transaction efficiency, leveraging technology to better manage the integration of physical and electronic information assets, reducing physical files, addressing procedures for electronic file maintenance, and creating a digital conversion path (versus paper storage) for active and inactive records.

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