Mattern Helps Am Law 200 Firm Reshape Outsourcing Strategy for Substantial Savings and Wins Six-Figure Signing Incentive


In 2022, Mattern was selected to evaluate traditional outsourcing services in 4 of its 19 offices for this Michigan-based Am Law 200 firm with more than 450 attorneys.  While the firm was pleased with most of the current provider’s on-site services, one office consistently had performance and communication issues with the service provider’s management consistently failing to respond to the firm’s concerns.  Mattern recommended an open market Request for Proposal (RFP) process to explore other providers.

The firm’s objectives were to maintain its favorable contractual terms and conditions at a fair price.  More importantly, the firm leadership sought to find a partner who would both retain certain selected staff and offer better compensation. They also wanted this partner to be transparent regarding wages and deliver consistent and exceptional service across all offices. 


Mattern had previously worked with the firm’s leadership on an open RFP for the firm’s traditional outsourcing services.  Since the pandemic many variables had changed, so Mattern conducted a full review of the firm’s outsourcing needs, including a full analysis of each office addressing end user satisfaction, volumes, and operational changes. 

Mattern conducted an assessment that included interviews with onsite staff and key personnel, and analysis of the current providers’ workflows and processes.  Each assessment included thorough review of staffing levels, processes, and technology. 

Based on Mattern’s assessment and understanding of the firm’s needs, the customized RFP offered multiple options, including additional opportunities for outsourcing firm functions.


The RFP process resulted in several viable solutions.  After careful review, the firm elected to move to a new service provider for a 60-month term for labor and related equipment (mail, hardware, and workflow) with the following accomplishments:

  • Maintained favorable contractual terms
  • Added reception services to one of its offices
  • Added records services without increasing headcount
  • Right-sized staffing configuration
  • Firm input on selection of new site management
  • Improved relationship with offsite management team with contractually required monthly, quarterly, and annual business reviews
  • Required training for staff prior to being placed onsite with reporting on training to be delivered monthly
  • Workflow efficiencies from process improvements and installation of updated technology
  • Consolidated mail equipment to achieve better pricing
  • Improved penalty-based service level agreements
  • Financial incentives

In addition, all of Mattern’s fees for Phase I, II and III were reimbursed by the new service provider, as well as a six-figure signing incentive.  

The firm has asked Mattern to continue its involvement via its Phase III, the implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the contract, to ensure adherence to the agreement and as liaison between service provider and client throughout the life of the contract.

Client Comment
The firm’s Vice President of Human Resources summed up the project with a Net Promoter Score of 10 and the comments, “The guidance we received was invaluable. I couldn't be more satisfied.”