Optimize the Value of Your Contracts with End-to-End Contract Compliance

Optimize the Value of Your Contracts with End-to-End Contract Compliance 2020-07-22T17:34:45+00:00

Firms spend a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort negotiating the contracts that build the foundation of efficiency in their back and middle offices. Implementation of the agreement, however, is a new hurdle—and some firms may even fear switching providers because of this.

Who can firms trust to ensure the value of their contract is implemented and maintained over time?

Firms trust Mattern’s contract expertise, diligence and unbiased approach to ensure the value of their contracts are realized.  We manage over $50 million in back and middle office contracts and know how to ensure service providers adhere to service levels and contractual terms.

We use change management to overcome internal resistance and continue to monitor contractual obligations post implementation as your experienced liaison.

It is the best of both worlds—and more than pays for itself through vendor reimbursement and the discovery of billing errors.

Just a few benefits of this program are:

  • Seamless implementations and transitions
  • Removal of burden from firm’s senior management staff
  • Assurance of contract compliance/long-term success
  • Continued recommendations based on year-over-year data trends
  • Trusted advisor for out-of-scope items

“Because of engaging Mattern for the Contract Compliance, our firm is more pleased with our service contracts, we have also achieved significantly more effective contracts. At the end of the day, it’s good practice to ensure contractual terms are met—and the consultants at Mattern are really good at that. I consider their team to be an invaluable resource.”  
- Maria D’Aquila , Best, Best and Krieger

Some primary components of this program are:

Implementation oversight

  • Review and ensure transition plans are approved by firm
  • Provide firm-announcement language for provider or equipment changes
  • Coordinate and participate in firm/provider meetings, conference calls, and employee interviews
  • Ensure timeliness and readiness for any equipment/technology installations, provider transitions, or service start-ups are met
  • On-Going Monitor and Maintenance

  • Analyze invoices for accuracy – and ensure all committed incentives are received initially and year-over-year
  • Review monthly management reports for:
  • Metric reporting
  • Service trends
  • SLA performance and monitoring
  • Provide and review consistent service provider contractual compliance reporting to Firm
  • Firm/Service Provider Liaison:
  • Single point of contact for all addendums, amendments, or escalator reviews prior to firm execution
  • Provider performance issues         
  • Outsourcing

  • Staff underage credits
  • Trained back-fill
  • Cross-training adherence
  • Performance penalties
  • Output

  • Flexibility usage
  • Service response times and uptime
  • Equipment replacements or redistribution
  • Output/Input distribution (copy/print/scan and color vs. b/w by location)
  • Off-site Records Storage

  • Vendor transfers and reimbursements
  • Utilization of incentives / destruction allowances
  • Year-over-year inventory metrics
  • Office Supplies

  • Utilization of incentives / rebates
  • Targeted spend review by category, office, attorney, recycled and minority or women-owned
  • Contract vs. non-contract spend
  • Let Mattern help you optimize your contracts with our end-to-end Compliance Consulting. Start here.