Let 2021 Be the Year You Negotiate Your Last Off-site Records Storage Contract – Ever

Let 2021 Be the Year You Negotiate Your Last Off-site Records Storage Contract – Ever 2021-03-08T14:31:30+00:00

The importance of information governance and firms’ digitization strategies cannot be overstated as we move into a decade of rapid transformation. 

Most firms are stymied to implement their information governance policies, however—and one of the biggest obstacles is off-site records contracts.  This must change.

Prohibitive clauses in off-site records contracts prevent too many firms from moving forward to implement information governance keeping firms beholden to paper-based legacy workflows and antiquated off-site storage records contracts. 

Mattern has the answer. 

We help you unlock the handcuffs of your off-site records storage contracts so your firm can move into the next decade and the next century.

Our Process

Mattern creates a competitive situation, to result in a best-in-class contract that allows the firm to reduce costs, manage the service provider relationship effectively, implement IG policy and retention schedules, and realize a strategy to get out of off-site records forever.

Let Mattern help you develop a strategy for eliminating off-site storage. Start here.


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