Let 2024 Be the Year You Negotiate Your Last Offsite Records Storage Contract – Ever

Let 2024 Be the Year You Negotiate Your Last Offsite Records Storage Contract – Ever 2024-06-06T16:47:27+00:00

The importance of information governance and firms’ digitization strategies cannot be overstated as we move into a decade of rapid transformation. 

Most firms are stymied to implement their information governance policies, however—and one of the biggest obstacles is offsite records contracts.  This must change.

Prohibitive clauses in offsite records contracts prevent too many firms from moving forward to implement information governance keeping firms beholden to paper-based legacy workflows and antiquated off-site storage records contracts. 

Mattern has the answer. 

We help you unlock the handcuffs of your offsite records storage contracts so your firm can move into the next decade and the next century.

Our Process

Mattern creates a competitive situation, to result in a best-in-class contract that allows the firm to reduce costs, manage the service provider relationship effectively, implement IG policy and retention schedules, and realize a strategy to get out of offsite records forever.

Let Mattern help you develop a strategy for eliminating offsite storage. Start here.


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