Why “Truly Unbiased” Is Important When Choosing a Consultant

Why “Truly Unbiased” Is Important When Choosing a Consultant 2021-08-05T20:12:08+00:00

What is the value of hiring a consultant?  Clearly, we think about this question a lot.  Ostensibly, the value of a consultant is to bring industry-wide expertise and an in-depth knowledge to an area.  The consultant leverages that expertise and experience, ensures the firm’s chosen solution is implemented, and maximizes the success of the firm’s business objective. 

This proposition fails, however, if the consultant is also a provider of a potential solution that could be implemented.  If the consultant stands to gain, bias inevitably filters in and diminishes the promise of value the consultant is engaged to bring to the firm.

Bias can also seep in depending on how the consultant is paid.  If the consultant is paid based on project savings, self-interest can steer recommendations to the lowest cost solution and taint the process.     

What is the value of hiring a truly unbiased consultant? The value lies in knowing the information, analysis and counsel that is presented is in your firm’s best interest and not the consultant’s.  

Mattern stands apart in the marketplace, not only for our expertise and experience, but because we are truly unbiased. We offer an independent and unbiased counsel, and keep the firm’s best interests front and center, period.  

To make good on the promise of value, Mattern ensures:

  1. All value from the engagement flows to the firm
  2. All savings from the engagement flow to the firm
  3. All options are optimized in the firm’s interest

This is the Mattern way. We invite you to learn more about how Mattern has engaged with our clients for nearly 25 years by watching this 2-minute video.

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