A Look Into the Future at the College of Law Practice Management: “What Will Law Look Like in 2026?”

Every fall, The College of Law Practice Management (COLPM) hosts the Futures Conference, a thought leadership event which brings together multi-disciplined professionals for two days in a think-tank environment to discuss the current and future state of the legal industry as well as to honor some of the industry’s most notable thought leaders.

This year’s conference topic “What Will Law Look Like in 2026” will take place in Kansas City on September 15th-16th, once again promises to foster important dialogues for the advancement of the legal industry. Mattern & Associates is pleased to support these generative dialogues that help formulate solutions to law firms’ current challenges, as well as set a successful strategy moving forward.

As the legal industry continues to evolve, one thing we are seeing at Mattern & Associates is an increase in value of the law firms’ back and middle office professionals.  These support functions have taken high importance to bolster the effectiveness and value of front office professionals, decrease operating costs, and increase overall operating efficiency. As rapid advancements are taking place surrounding staffing, managed services including eDiscovery and other areas of litigation support, and the increasing adoption of technologies to improve operations, properly optimizing these resources will continue to be an opportunity and challenge for firms.

We look forward to an excellent event.  For more information about the COLPM Futures Conference, click here.