Mattern Launches 2023 Cost Recovery and Hybrid Law Firm Operations Survey

As the leader in law firm cost recovery strategy, Mattern will measure the impact of hybrid operations on firms’ recoveries.

Chadds Ford, PA – February 14, 2023 – Leading law firm operations consultancy, Mattern, announces the company has launched the 2023 Cost Recovery and Hybrid Law Firm Operations Survey. As the undisputed leader in cost recovery analysis and law firm strategy, Mattern’s expertise is simply invaluable as the consultancy prepares to gather the market data to help firms across the NLJ 500 understand how the shift to hybrid operations has affected cost recoveries and what successful – or unsuccessful cost recovery programs have been implemented.  Participation in the Survey is open through March 14th. Click here to request the Survey.

In 2021, at the height of WFH, Mattern measured law firms’ cost recovery practices to find that, due to substantial declines in volume, there was an associated decline in recoveries for black & white copies and prints, color copies and prints, and scans and less than half (40%) of firms 40% of firms planned on recovering costs in both the home and office environments.

In 2023, as firms face a challenging market outlook and 93% of firms are investigating permanent hybrid operations, Mattern has launched a new survey to capture industry-wide practices, helping firms across the top 500 gain insight into the benefits and pitfalls of a variety of approaches to recoveries, from abandoning cost recovery programs altogether to shifting recoveries to a hard cost model and passing through to clients.

President of Mattern, Rob Mattern, comments: “We are proud to consistently provide the thought leadership that our law firm partners and the industry needs and to have been the leader on cost recovery strategies for the legal market for over two decades.  As law firm operations change, Mattern’s expertise provides the insights to make great decisions.  We look forward to providing those valuable insights here for our law firm partners.”

The 2023 Cost Recovery and Hybrid Law Firm Operations Survey investigates both soft cost and hard cost recoveries and will include questions such as where firms intend or don’t intend to recover costs (i.e., home output versus in-office output) or whether firms will let go of this significant revenue stream. Only participants will receive the full results. To participate in the 2023 Cost Recovery and Hybrid Law Firm Operations Survey, click here.

About Mattern

Mattern is the leader in law firm operations consulting and cost recovery solutions. In over 25 years of proven success, we have serviced nearly half of the Am Law 100, 70 of the Am Law 200 ranked firms, and provided unbiased strategies for measurably improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their in-house and outsourced back and middle office services in over 500 engagements.  For more information on Mattern, visit, check out their blog, connect on LinkedIn, and follow them on Twitter @MatternOfFact. The company is based in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.