Send Mattern your questions by June 19 for our “Stump the Consultant” webinar, June 24th

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me Mattern & Associates your most difficult questions, your stickiest situations, your so-called ‘unsolvable’  problems; lend me your strategic utopia to which you say there is no path!

To this, we say, ‘bah’!

If you have questions or concerns about any of the following, this is your grand opportunity to get the answers.  We will be hosting a live webinar on Wednesday, June 24th at noon EDT; submit today to have your question answered during June 24th webinar, including—but not limited to!—these areas:

  • Back office/support services issues
  • The fine print in the contract terms in ANY of your agreements
  • How good is your offsite records storage contract? How does it compare to best of market?
  • What about office supplies and printer maintenance agreements?
  • Are you outsourcing?  Want to know if your vendor’s turnover rate is acceptable or what a good renewal deal looks like

Submit your questions to Lisa Schneider at by noon EDT on Friday, June 19th, and then please join the “Stump the Consultant” live webinar on June 24th where the consultants at Mattern & Associates will answer the call of the stumpers. The consultants  ill also be fielding questions during the call.

Can Mattern & Associates be stumped? Give us your best shot.

To sign up for the live webinar on Wednesday, June 24th contact Lisa Schneider at  We look forward to your trickiest and toughest situations.