MFD and Printer Strategy for Optimal Efficiency in Your Back Office

MFD and Printer Strategy for Optimal Efficiency in Your Back Office 2021-05-27T19:30:06+00:00

Firms are dynamic—so too, then, is efficiency.  As your firm grows, merges, adds offices, replaces and upgrades equipment, it is common to continuously introduce a range of device manufacturers, maintenance plans, replacement part needs and more. However, this multiplicity negatively impacts operations, costs--and staff and attorneys’ efficiency.

A common mistake firms make is keeping older printers that are running well because they are fully depreciated – but this ignores service and supply costs for the equipment as well as the impact on your total output costs as they divert volume away from more cost-effective output devices.

By reducing the number of devices—consolidating printing, scanning, copying into a Multi-Functional Device (MFD)—reducing the number of different manufacturers, and improving the ratio of users-to-devices, your firm can achieve big savings in this must-have capacity—while also saving your attorneys valuable time.

Mattern specializes in helping law firms optimize their back-office efficiency. Our clients realize improved workflows that accommodate increased scanning, the need for color, and strategies for associated expense recovery — all resulting in significant output and input cost reductions and increased client and end-user satisfaction.

We help our law firm clients achieve this by:

  • Mapping MFD and printer models and feature configurations.
  • Evaluating existing scanning and printing processes, hardware, and software.  
  • Assessing services and operational data (service provider required/actual response times, preventative maintenance schedules, downtime reporting, consumable ordering process, etc.).
  • Ascertaining costs for all equipment, technology, and supplies.
  • Determining volume, usage, and placement for all devices.
  • Reviewing current output/input and cost recovery methodologies.

What Do We Deliver To You?

  • An assessment of how your current workflows, multifunction devices and printer costs, contractual terms perform relative to your peers and the industry
  • End-user satisfaction and desired technology features
  • Strategies for optimal workflow, reducing output device to staff ratio, reaching a co-terminus structure; and standardized platforms (MFDs and MFPs when appropriate)
  • A customized and Mattern-managed RFP
  • Flexible and firm-friendly negotiated contract for services including penalty-based service level agreements and monthly reporting on up-time and response times
  • Implementation oversight and on-going monitoring of your contract for compliance and committed delivery

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