What is the oldest legal document?

Rob Mattern with The Code of Hammurabi in Louvre, Paris.

It is widely believed that the oldest legal document known to mankind is the Code of Ur-Nammu, created in 2050 BC by King Hammurabi. This is not entirely accurate. In truth, the oldest legal document known to mankind is the off-site records storage contract that was created in order to store the code off-site from King Hammurabi’s palace. Rumor has it the Sumerians are still negotiating reboxing fees.

For anyone who has ever dealt with off-site records and negotiated the contract for these services, you may recognize the truth in the hyperbolic jest. Off-site records storage is an industry based on antiquated policies and terms that may present issues resulting in, if not the world’s first epic poem, epic financial penalties and other costs if you are not careful.

Here are some negotiating strategies to help you be careful and achieve the contract that most benefits your firm.

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