Winter 2014 Edition

Welcome to the “Pre-Spring” 2014 edition of Mattern Matters. In our lead article, “Thank you for a great 2013 – Here’s to an even better 2014”, we proudly share Mattern & Associates great successes in 2013 — all of our new projects, returning clients, and hopes for an even better 2014. Next, in “The Mattern Records Diet: A Quick and Easy Way to Drop a Few Boxes/Pounds”, Joe Grubb of Mattern & Associates advises how to perform an outcarded storage audit so that your firm won’t get charged for boxes that have already been taken out of inventory.

In “Paperless Office”, Ed Warren of Mattern & Associates discusses the history of the paperless office and how your firm can benefit from the transition to less paper. In “Non Solicitation Clauses and How They Hurt Your Operation”, Joe Trdinich of Mattern & Associates, advises on how to avoid non solicitation clauses that can hurt your firm’s operation, and the need to think about the end up front when negotiating your outsourcing contract for office services. Lastly, Joe Grubb contributes “Outsourcing for the first Time”, teaching how to avoid stress and navigate the pitfalls of outsourcing smoothly. We hope you enjoy!

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