Mattern 2014 Cost Recovery Survey Results are In: Join the Webinar on Wednesday, September 24th

We are pleased to say the results of the 2104 Mattern’s Cost Recovery Survey are here. We at Mattern have been proud to lead the industry in strategic approaches to back office operations and law firm cost recovery practice analysis. A hearty thanks goes out to participants who rely on our Cost Recovery Survey as a key decision-making tool.

First conducted in 2004 and featured in the Wall Street Journal, the 2014 Cost Recovery Survey marks a decade of expert data, and continues to be an industry-leading source for law firms to compare their firm’s performance to their peers in the recovery of costs. In this year’s version, we have included a section highlighting alternative strategies with applicable case studies.

Over the past ten years, Mattern’s Cost Recovery Survey has drawn broad participation from the nation’s most distinguished firms.  Participating firms broadly view the results as an invaluable tool, terming it, “The most comprehensive snapshot of cost recovery trends and practices available in the legal field.”

The 2014 Survey explored traditional, modern, and emerging cost recovery areas; some of the 2014 Survey’s significant results reveal that:

  • Copy/fax model continues to die
  • Print/scan cost recovery remains solid and will continue to be the biggest facet of recovery
  • The death of legal research recovery is premature, but it is on the ropes
  • Hard costs continue to be the leader
  • Electronic data storage sees a substantial increase

Non-participating firms are cordially invited to join Mattern for a webinar on Wednesday, September 24th at noon EST.

The 2014 Cost Recovery Survey webinar will highlight and provide a live platform for discussing the aggregate results, in addition to the trends revealed over the past ten years Mattern  has conducted the Survey.

To learn more and sign up for the informational webinar on the 2014 Cost Recovery Survey on Wednesday, September 24th, contact Lisa Schneider at