How to Optimize the Value of Your Firm’s Contracts: Please Join Our Webinar Thursday, September 19th

You negotiated a great office services contract for your firm—now what?

According to the Gartner Group – 70% of outsourcing engagements fail and 90% do not meet their financial goals.

“Why? is the question you should be asking yourself.  You created an excellent request for proposal, assembled a well-rounded team to assist with the process, chose a vendor that has a good reputation and negotiated what you believe is a strong contract. However at the end of the 1st year, you only saved a fraction of what you projected.  Well, you are not alone – welcome to the 90%.

We see many firms spend a great deal of time and effort negotiating various contracts for office services functions – only to be disappointed with their implementations and on-going performance.  What steps can your firm take to achieve more effective

We’d like to introduce you to how Mattern & Associates and our clients approach the Install, Monitor, and Maintenance phase through our Phase III offering, a powerful program from our consultancy that assists firms in implementation oversight as well as on-going monitoring of contractual obligations and acting-liaison between firm and vendor to address situations that arise.

This program is powerful not only because it assists your firm to optimize the value of your services contracts, but continues to capture savings for your firm throughout the lifecycle of the engagement.  Here’s what Maria Casas, Operations Manager of Best Best & Krieger says of her firm’s recent Phase III results in office supplies and outsourcing:

“The bottom line goal of having Mattern in the picture is to consolidate, save costs, become more efficient and provide consistencies throughout our nine locations,” Casas continues to say.  “To be able to do this at no extra cost to our firm is clearly a win-win for Best Best and Krieger… I consider

[the Mattern & Associates] team to be an invaluable resource.”

For the full Phase III case studies in outsourcing and office supplies click here.

We would like to invite you to join our webinar on Thursday, September 19th at 12pm EDT, “Mattern & Associates Phase III:  How to Optimize the Value of Your Firm’s Contracts.”  The webinar will be presented by Rob Mattern and Ed Warren of Mattern and will feature Maria Casas of Best Best & Krieger, detailing concrete results delivered by the Phase III implementation at the firm.

Interested parties should email Lisa Schneider at for the webinar invitation and link.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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