Join Mattern and Learn the Truth of Your Firm’s Digital Transformation – LIVE May 19th!

We were thrilled with the industry response to our white paper, “How to Handle Records for a Successful Digital Transformation,” both in terms of requests for the content, but also in terms of the feedback we have received regarding the value of the information.

We’re excited to take it a step further and have a Coffee Break LIVE! Discussion next Wednesday, May 19th at 12pm ET: “Can You Handle the Truth of Your Firm’s Digital Transformation?”

 Join President of Mattern, Rob Mattern, and consultants Ben Schmidt and Nathan Curtis for the most candid conversation you will have on how to handle off-site records within a digital transformation, including:
  • What’s the truth of how your firm’s records factor into your digital strategy overall?
  • What’s the truth regarding your off-site contracts? 
  • What contract terms and questions your off-site vendors hope you never ask? 
  • What’s the truth regarding how long this will take?

Mattern is widely regarded as the industry expert for helping firms strategically transform records operations.  Our white paper includes step by step guidance for firms regarding how to:

  1. Lay the groundwork to get out of off-site records storage in ten (10) years.
  2. Incorporate an Information Governance policy with retention schedules.
  3. Define a digital pathway for converting paper records, and off-site records storage contracts that allow you to obtain this goal.
  4. Formulate a plan to digitize your upfront workflow so you are not producing paper to be stored.

Be in the know and download the white paper here before May 19th and join in the discussion.