Mattern & Associates Launch Mattern of Fact Blog Offering Useful Information

Glen Mills, PA – May 3, 2010 – Unbiased legal support services consulting firm Mattern & Associates, LLC announced today that it has launched Mattern of Fact, a new blog, at the 2010 ALA Annual Conference in Boston.
Authored by company president Rob Mattern and Mattern’s expert consultants, Mattern of Fact aims to educate and inform the legal community about in-house and outsourced support services, cost recovery and the vendor contracts that support these functions.

Mattern & Associates President and Founder Rob Mattern explains, “Mattern of Fact is designed to educate and benefit legal administrators, law firm financial executives, support services managers and IT professionals. This blog is a unique resource which will provide practical information and commentary to assist an underserved audience on
how to save their firms’ money in the support services areas, improve their workflow efficiency, and make informed decisions about how to recover more billable costs.”

Mattern of Fact provided fresh preview content the week of April 26th with posts about avoiding hostage fees in offsite records storage contracts (on April 27th), and data security tips for data deletion off MFDs (Multi-functional devices) before disposal or resale (on April 28th.)

  • Mattern of Fact blog topics will initially include:
  • Outsourcing of Support Services
  • In-House Support Services
  • Cost Recovery
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Printers and MFDs
  • Output Management
  • Offsite Records Storage
  • Office Supplies
  • Overnight Services
  • RFP procedures
  • Law firm operations and administration
  • Green strategies for law firms
  • Support service vendor activity (i.e. mergers, new products launched, etc.)
  • Technology tips useful to law firms (legal technology and general technology)
  • Contract negotiation comments and pointers
  • Law firm revenue generation

About Mattern & Associates

Founded in 1997, Mattern & Associates is an unbiased, vendor-neutral consulting company which assists law firms and corporations in developing strategies that increase value and profitability in the support services area. Mattern’s experts are highly skilled in advising clients on how to reduce costs and improve efficiency in areas such as mail, reprographics, fax, office supplies, and printers. Additional areas of consulting expertise include digital workflow,  off-site records storage and cost recovery. The company is based in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania.

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