Mattern & Associates Leads Strategic Expense Management Roundtable at 2nd Annual Law Firm Leaders Conference, Chicago

The 2nd Annual Midwestern Law Firm Leaders is a one-day summit engineered for law firm decision-makers seeking business strategies for 2015 and beyond. The program blends legal client perspectives with recognized industry consultants in order to give a nuanced and comprehensive view of significant issues affecting the legal community.

Rob Mattern’s discussion, “Strategic Expense Management and Successful Cost Recovery in Today’s Legal Market,” commences at 1:30 pm CT today.

Rob’s session will explore how firms can further reduce their back-office expenses while improving services to attorney end-users by taking advantage of the changing legal market landscape. Additionally, Rob will address whether cost recovery is a key component of strategic expense management and, if so, what do today’s successful cost recovery strategies look like. This portion of the discussion will incorporate the results of the 2014 Mattern & Associates Cost Recovery Survey and illustrate how to use the Survey data to structure law firms’ operations to maximize recovery.

Rob Mattern remarks, “We are honored to lead this roundtable discussion and deliver strategies to law industry leaders that not only greatly improve their back office operations, but capture substantial savings for the firm’s bottom line. The new economic climate law firms are facing requires outside-of-the-box thinking and a multi-layered approach—and we’re pleased to lead these dynamic discussions in order to facilitate. We look forward to a lively event.”

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