Meet the Consultant: Ed Warren

Q. What do clients like best about working with you?

A. I find that I have an ability to help clients see past the basics.  I’m able to take what they feel/think is an OK situation and show them that there are more efficiencies to be achieved and more money to be saved, all in the best interest of the firm. 

Q. What is unique and valuable about your expertise?

A. I work very closely with clients to help them understand the “what if” in their situation, a benefit that others may not fully offer.  In addition to helping them resolve their immediate needs, I also position them with a long-term flexible solution that will continue to save their firm money. The Phase III Contract Compliance service I provide makes sure the success of the project is not just a one-time fix but a continual success year after year.

Q. Can you tell us more about Phase III Contract Compliance?

A. Firms trust Mattern’s contract expertise, diligence and unbiased approach to ensure the value of their contracts are realized. We manage over $50 million in back and middle office contracts and know how to ensure service providers adhere to service levels and contractual terms.

We use change management to overcome internal resistance and continue to monitor contractual obligations post implementation as your experienced liaison.

It is the best of both worlds—and more than pays for itself through vendor reimbursement and the discovery of billing errors.

Just a few benefits of this program are:

  • Seamless implementations and transitions
  • Removal of burden from firm’s senior management staff
  • Assurance of contract compliance/long-term success
  • Continued recommendations based on year-over-year data trends
  • Trusted advisor for out-of-scope items

Q. Tell us about the recent success

A. Best Best & Krieger.  I worked with the firm on an outsourcing and equipment RFP, and it’s  a good example where a firm was status quo on auto-pilot with a provider for years, and so going to market yielded excellent results to improve their situation.

In this case, Best Best & Krieger had been with its current outsourcing and equipment provider for over a decade and felt that the level of off-site management oversight and strategic initiatives were lacking especially in staffing needs. 

As the result of the Mattern-led RFP, the firm elected to change service providers for their outsourced services as well as their equipment platform and gained:

  • Significantly improved terms and conditions – including the elimination of any non-solicitation clauses as well as terms that addressed trained back-fill for all staffing to be provided for absences or vacations (with penalties if not met).
  • Restructuring of firm-wide management by elevating on-site managers with expanded responsibilities and skill sets.
  • Additional staffing and skill set to assist the firm in other services (reception, IT Desktop and AV support firm-wide).
  • Reduction of staffing in offices where appropriate to increase efficiencies.
  • A change in equipment platforms with a new fleet of multi-function devices (MFDs)
  • Reduced equipment cost by retaining miscellaneous equipment
  • Implementation of workflow software provided by the service provider at no additional cost to the firm.
  • Savings of 10%