Webinar Opportunity: “How to Not Fail and Optimize your Outsourcing Situation”

Outsourcing, when done right, aligns law firms’ business, financial and operational objectives. And yet, it is unfortunately true that most outsourcing engagements fail in one of these two (2) areas. What can firms do to better ensure success?

Whether your firm is currently outsourced or are considering outsourcing some aspect of the firm’s back and middle office operation, this webinar for you. Please join company president, Rob Mattern, on Wednesday, June 26th at 12pm ET for this live webinar, “How to Not Fail and Optimize your Outsourcing Situation.” Rob will cover:

  • How to know when to outsource an operation
  • How to guarantee your outsourcing project will succeed both operationally and financially
  • How to decrease the cost of your outsourcing operation by twenty percent
  • Questions to ask of your outsourcing vendor
  • Top mistakes firms make in outsourcing
  • What to do if the operation is not succeeding