How we help you with off-site records storage

Mattern & Associates…

✓ Achieves 30-50% additional savings for you

✓ Improves your operations, contract terms + recovery

✓ Saves you hundreds of hours


Why would I want outside help?

To improve outcomes

Do you hire:

✓ Real estate brokers?

✓ Health care brokers?

Experience + leverage on your side of the table improves your negotiating position and reveals hidden opportunities.

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What results can we expect?

Cost savings typically range from 30-50% across multiple vendor contract areas. Plus, we deliver personalized efficiency improvement strategies for effective team collaboration.



Why law firms choose Mattern

Mattern & Associates’ industry-wide benchmarks provide clients an advantage unavailable to any single law firm.

Clients gain our expertise earned in over 450 successful engagements, and our unbiased negotiations empower your firm with strategic advisory. You remain in the decisionmaker’s position.

Our business model ensures optimal outcomes for your firm, from operational efficiency, to the peace of mind that comes from knowing your firm has achieved the industry’s best pricing, terms and conditions in your contracts and optimal, culturally fit recovery strategy.

If that weren’t enough, our client-centric service model has earned our consultants an average Net-Promoter Score (NPS) of 91% on feedback surveys.


Some of our many satisfied customers


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“Mattern provides tremendous value to the process. The team knows the questions to ask, where to push on negotiable items, and what other vendors and firms have negotiated. Mattern simply knows what is happening in these areas today.”

Steve Wingert, Director of Administration, Thompson Coburn, LLC

Top 100
“Every firm needs someone that has the expertise and ability to drill down into levels that most people don’t even think about. Mattern & Associates provided us with benchmarks that weren’t available to us. It’s hard work that requires enormous amounts of background analysis-and Mattern & Associates is very good at the analysis.”

Director of Firmwide Vendor Relations, multi-national firm, AM Law 100


Why choose Mattern over other companies?

Law firms trust Mattern for several key reasons:


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Cost Recovery

Over 20 years of deep industry expertise helping over 450 firms.

Vendor agnostic: we objectively find the best solution for you, and since we’re not paid based on a percentage of savings, we aren’t focused on the cheapest price.

Savings of 50% more than firms could get on their own.

We know the questions to ask, the terms to look for, and the language to be included in a contract to give our clients the most flexibility and savings possible in an ever-changing environment.



How does Mattern begin working with a law firm like ours?

Our goal is your success.

We start with a 15-minute exploratory call to discover what makes sense for your firm and our company. A poor fit here means nobody wins. We’ll discuss how Mattern works with firms like yours and jointly explore if we can bring value to the process.

If we agree there’s potential, the next step is to review your current situation, contracts and expenses. For many firms, we sign an NDA which enables them to begin sharing detailed information with confidence. We’ll then prepare a proposal outlining the potential savings and benefits that could be realized from Mattern’s services.

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70-80% of firms who receive a proposal from us, move forward with Mattern! That’s how comprehensive our approach—and benefits—are for our customers.


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Got questions?

You’re not alone. Start here, then talk to us and we’ll explain how we work with you and why firms like yours choose to work with us.

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Cost savings typically range from 30-50% across multiple vendor contract areas plus a vast improvement in your terms and conditions.

Not at all!

Mattern works in concert with firm employees. This allows you to focus on what you do best, rather than immersing yourself in a tedious process once every three to five years.

Ultimately, the decision is for you and your employees to make. As a customer, you’re in the driver’s seat for giving approval on the implementation on the recommendations Mattern makes.

It’s in your vendor’s best interest not to have any competition for your business. But what’s in your firm’s best interest?

Even if you’re satisfied with your provider, it’s always a good idea to periodically review terms and conditions, headcount and workflows. Going through an RFP process, especially an open RFP creates a competitive environment typically yielding the best pricing and terms.

If your current vendor is providing good service, competitive pricing, and flexible terms – then they shouldn’t have a concern if their contract is reviewed by an expert in the industry.

This question leads to more questions: Ask yourself,

✓  “Why do your clients hire your firm to handle a matter instead of having their in-house counsel handle it?”

Most likely you would say your clients hire your firm because your firm has expertise in this specific situation, the resources available, and most importantly – the experience. In addition, your firm handles these types of matters every day, whereas your clients handle them once every five (5) years.

In addition,

✓ “Do I have the time to devote to the project?”

You already have a job to do. Whereas this is what the consultant does every day and would devote the time necessary to it – leaving you free to take care of the day-to-day details of your job.

✓ “Do I have the contract know-how and benchmarking expertise to handle the process?”

No doubt about it, you’re smart and can learn what you don’t know. Whether you’ve done this process yourself before or not, having Mattern on your side adds the experience of more than 450 RFPs.

✓ “Can I realize similar savings that engaging a consultant would yield?”

If you know what you should be paying and what the market will bear, absolutely! However, this information is jealously guarded by vendors to make sure the deal is good for them. We’ve been able to improve pricing and terms over 50% of what firms had been able to get on their own.

Real estate brokers and healthcare experts are brought in to assist the firm with healthcare and real estate deals that are in your firm’s best interest.

When it’s worth your while, your firm brings in needed experts who know the market, and can ensure your firm is receiving the best possible pricing and terms. Your back and middle office contracts should be no difference.

With more than 450 contract negotiations under our belt, Mattern & Associates has independent benchmarking data to determine the best terms and conditions firms like yours are getting.

Additionally, we have a team of employees with expertise in outsourcing, records and information governance, litigation support, reprographics, and more.

Lastly, we have leverage with the vendors.

Your firm most likely handles one type of contract every three to five years — Mattern, at any given time, has more than a dozen in play.

Unfortunately, agreements and RFPs aren’t “one-size-fits-all”. You must know the questions to ask, terms to look for, and language to be included for the most flexibility and savings in an ever-changing environment.

Also, just because your back or middle office is working now, doesn’t mean it’s the right situation for your firm for the next five (5) years.

A good consultant will bring these types of solutions to the table. You also want to be careful about possible copyright infringement.

Many clients require Mattern to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that protects them from having their specific information shared with a third party.

Even without an NDA governing the relationship, Mattern consultants exercise the utmost discretion when it comes to sensitive client issues.

Mattern & Associates works on a flat fee based on estimated hours for the project.

This allows us to provide the best possible solution for your firm, not just what’s going to deliver the most savings since we are not paid on the savings.

Vendors that participate in the RFP process are notified that the Mattern fee is to be reimbursed at contract execution. The vendor takes the fee into consideration when offering their very best pricing. It should be assumed vendors cover the fees in their costs.

The bottom line is that the client has the option of having the fee reimbursed, thus saving them the out-of-pocket expense. Alternatively, some of Mattern’s clients choose to pay the fee themselves, leaving it out of the vendor agreement all together.

The choice is yours.

On an ancillary note, if you look at the fee as a percentage of the total contract value, it’s typically around 1-2%. Even with the fee built in, we deliver on average 26% savings which illustrates how overpriced your contract currently is.

What’s the next step?

The best next step is simply to talk to us.

There’s absolutely no obligation.

We want our services to play an enabling role for your firm, not be an obstruction, so together we’ll explore whether Mattern is a good fit.

Use this form to get started. We’ll follow up to coordinate a quick exploratory call.

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