Mattern’s Outsourcing Marketplace

The world has changed, and every firm has an opportunity to rethink operations and make changes for the better.  With so much movement in the outsourcing space, Mattern recognized the need for firms to efficiently obtain the most current trends, services and capabilities of the industry’s outsourcing providers.  How can firms know what’s best if they are not up to date on trends, services and capabilities?

To that end, Mattern produced a unique “Outsourcing Marketplace” in conjunction with the COO CFO Forum in October to provide law firms an efficient way to gather current, industry-wide data from multiple service providers in a single session.

Company president, Rob Mattern, welcomed Bari Klein from Swiss Post Solutions, Scott Paster from Canon Business Process Solutions, Mark Davey from Ricoh, Anthony Davies from Forrest Solutions, Christen Vento from Canon Solutions America, Carol Ann Hartnagle from Total Document Solutions, Melissa DeGiulian from IST, Mike Marinelli from Excela, Mike Raposa from RR Donnelly, and last but not least, Renea Miller from Epiq. 

Rob led a discussion with the panel covering new angles on outsourcing, including whether firms are trending to single or multiple providers, what new service categories the legal industry is seeking to outsource, what the service providers are seeing in their clients' responses, and of course, what the opportunities are as we turn the corner into 2021, including new processes and new technology.

It was a great discussion that demonstrated that everything is in play; that if it’s not the practice of law or delivery of legal services, it’s being outsourced, to other firms leveraging a hybrid approach, consolidating their providers, or even a blended, multi-tiered approach covering:

  • Technology, infrastructure and resources
  • Staffing flexibility and optimization of processes
  • Ensuring seamless client communications and service delivery
  • Re-thinking office space and new ways to support attorneys
  • Digitizing all paper-based processes and digital mail

We were pleased to deliver key insights to our law firm attendees just in time for budget decisions.

What new service categories is the legal industry is seeking to outsource? What trends are service providers are seeing in their clients' responses? 

Find out by requesting the recording below: